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Our Approach

We approach financial guidance and stewardship of your assets from a different perspective.  We start with you, not your money.  We want to know what’s important to you and understand your goals.  Then we talk expectations.

This is where we begin to see if we’re a good fit.  Just like considering a partner in marriage or business, it’s important that our expectations align.

(See Our Approach Page to learn more.)

If we both agree, we create a plan to guide you.  We put your money to work in an investment program fitted to you. Our first priority is safety.

Financial Super Food

Then— we help you make  good financial decisions—consistently over time.

Good financial decisions are the super food of personal finance.

Just as conventional super food helps you achieve better health financial super food ™ helps build financial muscle…strengthening and helping you create financial power.  Power that helps you protect your family and provide for them.

Every time you make a good financial decision it’s like giving yourself a raise.

You bank money and move closer to the future you want.  And…

It puts time on your side.

Time you can use to gather more cash, give back to others, and paint the future you want. It’s so important we made it the corner stone of our practice.

Sklar Capital

Our People

You sense an air of confidence when you enter SKLAR CAPITAL.  Our team has 41 years of combined financial services experience. Our credentials are among the highest achievable.

You’re partnering with dedicated experts who know how to help you.  We clear the financial fog and guide you to the future you want. And, you’ll get there with fewer emotional scars.

Commitment and More

Yet what distinguishes us from others is the scope of our commitment.  It goes beyond portfolios and plans and helping you make good financial decisions.

We also want to help our neighbors understand good financial practices.  That’s why you’ll see us out in the community talking about ways to be smart with money.  We believe everyone deserves good financial advice.

We’re a small team with a big commitment.

Why Us?

We help you make good financial decisions, so your money works harder—not you.

We’re experts and manage your money in a portfolio built to last.

We’re your loyal steward.  Your interest always comes before our own.

We’re an Independent Company.

We answer only to you.

We’re dedicated to improving your life through financial guidance.

You’ll see us out in the community teaching our neighbors good financial habits.  Because, it’s important to us.

Financial management is what we do.  Improving the quality of our client’s lives and building a stronger community is why we do it.

“Striving for decent outcomes is as good
and honest an effort as we can make.”
– Brian Portnoy, author “Geometry of Wealth.

What You Enjoy as A Client

A Partner who listens.

More Time on Your Side.

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Money is Safe.

Help Making Good Financial Decisions.

Timely, Helpful Answers to Your Questions and Concerns.

A Plan for the Future You Want.

An Investment Program Fitted to You.

Satisfaction You’re Doing What You Need to Do to Provide Your Family

Everything They Want and Need.

Time to Get Started

Learn more by scheduling a complimentary meeting.  Ask questions and learn if we’re the right fit for you.

Information you share is kept confidential and you’re free of obligation.

Let us start putting time on your side.

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